These awesome animal spirit cards arrived in the mail from The Wild Unknown last week (…it is a beautifully designed and packaged set of oracle cards that offers a new perspective to everyday obstacles and challenges. I usually pull one card each morning to offer insight on what to work on that day. They have been extremely helpful and inspiring, especially as I start to transition from one job to another and I am feeling a little stressed. Today I pulled the octopus which has to do with reaching, yearning and lacking direction. I would say that is about right…I feel like I am currently just floating through life and don’t have any firm boundaries defining what I should do or say.



Lately it seems I have been gravitating towards drawing and painting fish so I decided to do something different and was inspired by the trail boxes I painted for Mt. Monadnock last winter. Yesterday I worked on a painting for the July Canvas Board Mail Art trade on <a href=””> </a> and decided to represent a barn owl. It’s on a 5×7″ sturdy canvas board with collaged elements in the background to add some interest. I also used some modeling paste to add texture to the corners.