As 2016 winds down (1 day left!!) I am taking time to reflect on things that have happened over the past year and what I want to accomplish in 2017. I have been working to make art a more purposeful and meaningful part of my life, carving out the time each day to sit down and be creative, despite how busy or tired I might be feeling. I have found that I feel more centered and at peace with myself, even through tough times during the day when I am working at my more traditional job. This sense of peace brings comfort and reminds me that there is a possibility to expand upon my love of painting and drawing into something more. Maybe not as a full time profession, but as a venture that I could use to express myself and my ideas to the world, sharing how I see life and all its intricacies with others. I would love to be able to connect with people on a deeper level, having my art tell a story that resonates with something they have experienced or gone through. This connection would enable me to become a small but maybe meaningful part of someone else’s life. Perhaps it could even help to get me out of my own head, as often I have so many ideas that I am unable to process them in an efficient way.

I painted a whale the other day for a friend and decided to do some more research about what they represent in a spiritual way. The whale is a symbol of profound peace and the desire to delve deeper into oneself. It is not afraid to express emotion and communicate hardships as it has most likely travelled bumpy terrain in the past and these experiences lend themselves to a greater understanding of oneself. I think this message is especially pertinent now in my life as I feel like I am on the brink of new things, not all of them being easy to navigate. Figuring out where I should go from here is important as an end goal, but how I will get there will be the true lesson. Hopefully it won’t be all obstacles to get from here to there (where is there? Who knows?) but I am willing to put forth the energy to see where it might lead.