It’s been an interesting few weeks since I last posted. Art has taken somewhat of a backseat as I’m slowly trying to figure out next steps in my life. In the past, I have been faulty of not putting myself first and neglecting self care, which, in theory sounds like it would be easy, but in reality is extremely difficult. I have also not spoken my “truth” in situations because I didn’t feel my opinion had value. Yet, slowly my confidence is beginning to find its way out. I’m surprising myself at this new found courage, and at times I don’t recognize (or even understand) who I am.

As for trying to accomplish things, I believe it’s a delicate balance between pushing yourself to achieve to be happy and overdoing it for the sake of other people. I need to keep reminding myself that I am enough. I don’t need to be perfect, and what I bring to the world is exactly what it needs at the moment. It’s hard to keep that in mind when up against everyday obstacles and the seemingly constant need to compare yourself to other people. Through art I have found I am able to express myself and work through things that a lot of the time would otherwise just be “stuck” in my head, playing loops over and over again. I have planned out some goals for the upcoming months, some of which include applying for various summer fairs/festivals to show my work, complete a few commissions, as well as getting some of my pieces on display in local restaurants and cafes. I’m hoping through this I will be able to exercise my confidence and gain insight into how my art can resonate with others.

Some of my recent art has included smaller pieces for trades and in preparations for fairs.