Lately I have been feeling uncertain in many aspects of my life, and to feel more grounded and at peace with my situation have been trying to take a step back and identify what I need to work on. I am working up in Maine for another few weeks but then things are unknown and just that thought terrifies me. I am a planner, someone who is always calculating next steps and working on the next “big idea”. But for right now, I find myself in this place of uncertainty and not knowing. In a way, it’s exciting as the entire world is literally there for the taking and you could move down any path that seems inviting. But that’s also part of the problem: too many paths. Which one do you choose? How do you know that the one you choose won’t lead you astray? You don’t. How do you trust that the universe has a plan and you should go with the flow? It’s a lot to ask for and sit at peace with.

I started an online course that I was gifted  a year ago in hopes of understanding more about myself and my creative process called 30 Days of Grace taught by Alena Hennessy. I had looked at it briefly when I downloaded it but never truly took the time to devote my full attention to it. I came across it again today and figured its exactly what I need in this moment. I won’t be able to work on it when I’m up north these next few weeks but its something I can come back to and finish when I have time, which I probably have lots of in the near future.

The first task the class raises is to set your intentions for what you want to get out the course in relation to “What is Grace?” I had never really thought about it before so it took some soul searching. I think grace to me is finding beauty in the everyday and taking whatever is in your life right in the present moment and finding peace within it. I wrote statements based on my intentions to clarify what I needed to work on and I figured I would share them here as well.

I am calm and present with how I am feeling.

I do what’s best for my soul.

I love myself and I am enough just how I am.

I speak my truth.

I see beauty in everyday moments and appreciate them fully.

I understand that the universe has a plan for me.

One quote I took from the first part of the class is “We become what we think about” by Earl Nightingale. This really rings true for me as I can relate to my mind being filled with anxiety and having it spill outwards into my life at times. It’s a good thing to keep in mind moving forward.