Summer Days

I have to admit, I have been neglecting my's been three months since I last posted! Yikes! A lot is going on right now even though I thought summer would be a time for more relaxation and art. I was definitely wrong. I am finishing up teaching middle school and high school over the next month and looking forward to start teaching elementary aged kiddos in a new school starting this fall. I couldn't be more excited! Right now I am teaching science and art, which are my two favorite subjects but haven't had a lot of time for my own exploration and growth. I have been doing some trades on as well as working on painting intuitively on large canvases. I have noticed I have been a fish streak lately...can't get enough of painting and drawing them. I think I like them because there is so much detail and color that you can incorporate!






I also recently finished a triptych for my sister and her boyfriend's apartment which is beach themed.


I am looking to work on some large scale canvases so if you are interested and have a blank wall that is craving some art, let me know! :)