Welcome to Willough Designs! I create original works of art using acrylics and printmaking techniques and turn these into stickers, prints and greeting cards. I believe that art should be fun, inspiring and spark joy.

  • About Willough Designs

    Hi! My name is Megan Karcher and I'm an artist and teacher who lives and creates in Vermont.

    My inspiration comes from the outdoors–nature offers insight into many beautiful creatures and designs if you take the time to look. I often turn to the environment for drawing and sketching and enjoy exploring the mountains, forests and beaches where I live.

    Painting is my way of relaxing and meditating–I often lose myself in creating something and will not be satisfied until it is finished. I have been painting furniture that I have found in a variety places since I was in high school, including my parent’s attic and abandoned on the side of the road. I enjoy using bright colors and intricate details as I feel they reflect a part of my personality–someone who is energetic, fun-loving and passionate.

    The name “Willough Designs” comes from the name of one of my llamas, Willoughby, who has always managed to be a source of genuine whimsy.

    As I have grown my business, I have started making stickers, prints from my original works and painting on hats and totes. I believe that art should be accessible, functional and a way to express your personality!