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Custom Hand Knitted Frog

Custom Hand Knitted Frog

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Are you looking for a bit of cuteness and whimsy in your day? These frogs are knit with love and are sure to cheer you up. They are the perfect gift for any frog lover and are 100% customizable. Each frog comes with either a sweater or overalls!

I have listed some pictures of some frogs I have knitted in the past for some inspiration, but feel free to get creative with colors and ideas!

When when ordering a frog, think about these questions...

-What color would you like your frog?
-What color would your like your sweater or overalls? If you would like a sweater, do you want it striped or one solid color?

-What kind of eyes do you want your frog to have? The two options are glass "dragon" eyes and black solid plastic eyes.

These frogs DO NOT have any wiring in their limbs, meaning they are not posable.

Also, this frog is knitted based on the pattern by Claire Garland of @dotpebbles_knits if you would like to knit one for yourself!

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