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Custom Painted Hat

Custom Painted Hat

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Design a custom, personalized hand painted hat. See listing photos for ideas and inspiration, but I can work with you to create a hat that is personalized for the recipient. These hats make amazing gifts for the holidays, teachers, weddings, or for someone special.

The $100 price includes the hat itself and the custom painting. 

There are several things to consider before placing an order for a hat. I typically paint on 5 panel canvas camp hats such as these but I am open to working on any style of hat that has a fabric surface such as canvas or cotton. You can also reach out to me if you have any questions. 

-What style of hat?
-What color hat?
-What do you want painted on your hat? I can paint a large variety of things, specializing in animals and plants, but can also do landscapes. The one thing I do not paint is people or portraits. Also, d
o you want a background on your image, or no background?

Once you have determined the specifics of your bag and what you wish to have painted, reference photos might be requested, especially if I am painting a pet portrait. The more you can provide, the better, as it helps me to capture its personality, coloring, markings, etc. 

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